NeetoRunner Features

Keystroke Playback

Replay candidate's every keystroke during the assessment.

Supports 10+ Languages

NeetoRunner supports 10+ programming languages.

White Board

Use a virtual white board to draw and discuss the problem.

Powerful Code Editor

Powerful code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, auto saving and more.

Question Bank

Questions from topics like data structures, algorithms and more, that can be customized and used.

Proctoring Mechanisms

Tracks copy pasting, tab switching, full screen exits etc.

Evaluation System

Accept and reject candidates based on custom rules and criteria.

Automatic Notification

Reminder email, submission confirmation email, rejection email etc with custom templates.

Results Dashboard

View, filter, apply actions on the results like sending rejection emails to selectecd candidates.

Webcam Based Invigilation

Take regular interval snapshots of the candidate or record the video of the candidate.

Candidate Invitation

Invite multiple candidates via email in one single click, upload CSV file or use invitation link.

End to End Encryption

Each connection is encrypted with SSL.

Google Sign In

Force all your team members or the candidates to login using google login and make your organization more secure.

Verify OTP Every Time

Security is further strengthened by asking all users to enter OTP every time they login.

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